Not the typical board game



Staying inside to keep warm this winter? I’ve found a new board game for you:  Don’t Drop The Soap” [available from Gillius] and the game takes place in the slammer.  It’s obviously not for small children (in case you need me to tell you that).  Think of it as a college experiment that made it to production. 

You basically collect smokes (used as money…just like in the movies), fight off prison gangs and do what you can to get paroled.  Doesn’t this sound like a drinking game? 

Locally the trendy novelty shop Hobbs will be stocking the game at the end of the month.  It’s a perfect fit for the cool and off-the-wall items they sell.  “Don’t Drop The Soap” is bound to find curious buyers there.  The author, John Sebelius, a student at Rhode Island School of Design was given the task to create a board game. 

More amusing is knowing that Sebelius is the son of our Kansas Governor, Kathleen Sebelius.   He told our local paper that the game was partially inspired by his mom who had gone undercover in jail to see just how prisoners were treated.  This quote made me laugh even more:

“Now it’s kind of a family tradition to play the game at Christmas time.” 

Good times at the Sebelius house! 

If you are a political junkie, keep a watchful eye out for Gov. Sebelius as she’s been chosen to give the Democratic response after Bush’s State of the Union address next week.  She’s been great for our state – too bad she’s not running for President!

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