Petty’s halftime show


What’s the big idea of ‘running down’ the Petty halftime show all over the ‘net?  I don’t get it.  It’s a big production that has to be coordinated to the n’th degree due to time constraints.  Most everyone lip synchs this type of performance anyway.  Pretty standard if you ask me.  And I didn’t see anything hokey about it.  I’m tired of the pop and urban extravaganzas you see on award shows.  Give me clean and simple any day.

I was happy to see Petty and his band up there.  Petty is more like my personal version of America than say John Mellencamp.  I remember when he made a stink about record companies charging too much for albums.  There was the classic Travelling Wilburys side project.  And lots of catchy music. 

The other advantage is they don’t act ridiculous like Aerosmith, but please don’t get me started on those geezers!

Last night’s show may have been too subdued for many, but I think it was fun to sit back and sing along for a few minutes.  And there isn’t a thing wrong with that.

Here’s a CNN piece on last night’s logistics which we didn’t get to experience.


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