Robbie splits from Guy Chambers – again


All the music news sites have jumped on the latest news out of the Robbie Williams camp today.  It seems that Robbie has once again slammed the door in Guy’s face.  Gigwise, ContactMusic and other sources are claiming that he blew up upon discovering that Guy was simultaneously working with Take That members on a reality TV program.

I can see where that would sit well with Robbie, but I’d been hearing rumors for weeks now that the Williams-Chambers reunion hadn’t been fruitful regardless.  It’s difficult to capture lightning in a bottle twice.  Sad to hear that as I was genuinely excited at the prospect of new material from them both.  I love a well-crafted pop tune and when it’s sang by a cheeky Robbie Williams it’s even sweeter. 

Same rumor has it that Robbie’s material he’s collected for his next project is so disjointed no one knows how to make it work.  I’d say just put out a series of EPs.  Don’t pull an ‘Axl’ on us, Robbie!


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