Winehouse update


I use to write updates on Pete, but he’s gone considerably quiet in recent months (let’s hope that’s a positive thing).  Next best topic:  Amy Winehouse. 

Reports have her moving in with the Osbournes and penning the upcoming James Bond movie theme.  Actually Kelly O. has offered the Osbournes’ guesthouse when Amy leaves rehab.  Wouldn’t be a bad idea as Kelly has gone through the process herself and the guesthouse would be more isolated for Winehouse.

The whole Bond theme is a different story.  According to one report, the offer is almost like a dangling carrot which they hope will help her avoid her demons.  The powers that be won’t even make a decision on the music until April.  A lot can happen between now and then.

Either way, she’s still generating column inches.  We should find out if she’ll be able to attend this weekend’s Grammy Awards…she just needs that last little detail before she can hop on a plane: a U.S. visa

Will she get in or be denied?  Stay tuned.


EDIT:  Word is she’s been DENIED.


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