Guillemots raise the bar



Trust me, I don’t use this phrase often but I’m thinking this upcoming Guillemots release is going to be “off the hook.”  You’ll find the bare bones of the first single on their MySpace and their UK record label is enticing folks to sign up for their mailing list.  In exchange you can dl another track, “Kriss Kross.”  I highly recommend doing so!

I’ve been listening to it and I am amazed by this track.  I don’t know if you’d call it ‘radical’ but there is something about this track that’s exciting and different.  First of all it’s not even in the same ballpark as their first album.  It’ is not your typical indie fare.  I really love the chance they seem to be taking.

There will be plenty of buzz on the release of Red which will be available in the UK next month.  What I’m baffled by is the U.S. release date.  Everything I’ve read has stated it won’t make it to our side of the pond until FALL. 

Can that be right?

My calendar reads 2008; not 1998.  Wonder what gives.   If this album continues to generate good blogger buzz I would hope the date will be moved up.  I won’t be waiting that long – this one will be an import purchase without a doubt.

There’s also news that the band is looking for an additional female voice for their tour…so send them a clip if you think you have the chops.  And if you do listen to “Kriss Kross” leave a comment with your take on the track!


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