Get to know: colourmusic


If you’re lucky enough to catch the first part of the upcoming U.S. British Sea Power tour you should check out colourmusic who will be opening through March 21st in Minneapolis.  The band hails from Oklahoma (met at OSU) and continues to build their fanbase by touring.

They are a little quirky and given the tracks on their MySpace I think they’ll be a fantastic compliment to BSP.  I’ve been digging around to learn more about the band.  They sound like they put on a fun show.  I don’t know if they’ll put on quite the same antics as an opener that they would headlining, but I’m sure it will be entertaining. 

As blogger, Merry Swankster put it reviewing a show from the summer of ’06:

 …the show was an energetic display of high-octane indie rock mixed with heavy theatrics.  Colourmusic put on a show that pleased me both sonically and visually.

I’m really looking forward to catching both bands!


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  1. Get ready for a great show! I am blessed to be from their hometown and have been fortunate to watch them many times. There music keeps getting better and better and I am positive they will be fine-tuned by the time they make it up to Minneapolis!

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