Best Ever British Albums (25-1)


25.  Blur – Parklife (1994)  Great memories surrounding this album and timeframe.


24.  Duran Duran – Rio (1982)  Totally iconic in look and sound.  Happy to see this in the Top 25.

23.  Muse – Absolution (2003)


22.  Oasis – Be Here Now (1997)  All I think of when I see this album cover is Patsy Kensit dumping Jim Kerr for Liam.

21.  The Beatles – Rubber Soul (1965)

20.  Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks (1977)  Sex Pistols but no Damned.  huh.

19.  The Beatles – The White Album (1968)

18.  Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not (2006)

17.  Queen – A Night At The Opera (1975) 


16.  The Smiths – The Queen Is Dead (1986)  I’m really surprised to see so few albums from the 80s make the list.  What gives?

15.  Depeche Mode – Violator (1990)  Ahhh…my favorite video of all time is “Enjoy The Silence”!

14.  Oasis – Don’t Believe The Truth (2005)

13.  Keane – Hopes and Fears (2004)  Who knew the Brits were so keen on Keane?


12.  The Beatles – Abbey Road (1969)  Is there any place more notable than this crossing?

11.  Radiohead – The Bends (1995)

10.  The Verve – Urban Hymns (1997)

9.   Pink Floyd – Dark Side of The Moon (1973)


8.   Keane – Under the Iron Sea (2006)  Really?  Seriously?  Am I missing something?

7.   The Clash – London Calling (1979)  Finally my CLASH makes the list.  Yessss!

6.   The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)

5.   The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses (1989)  And another band I thought would surely appear close to the top.  Nice to see them in the Top 5.

4.   The Beatles – Revolver (1966)

3.   Radiohead – OK Computer (1997)

2.   Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? (1995)


1.   Oasis – Definitely Maybe (1994)  I remember the first time I heard this album.  At the time I had no idea of the impact it would leave on music.


3 responses »

  1. Nowhere on this list can I find The Kinks, yet I see two for Keane.

    What gives!?

    Is EVERYONE in England smoking crack these days or what?!!

  2. i agree kink?

    and….SUPERGRASS – i should coco one of the best debuts ever!

    good list but some dissappointments

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