SNL tourney


As the NCAA tournament approaches you might want to participate in a ‘practice tourney’ to hone your skills.  The Chicago Tribune’s Red Eye has created an online SNL Cast Member Tourney.

If you’ve been a fan of any era of SNL you should get a kick out of this.  There are 4 regions named after the actor/comedians who have hosted the show most often.  Here’s the breakdown:

Steve Martin Region 

  • Bill Murray vs. Norm MacDonald
  • Cheri Oteri vs. Billy Crystal
  • Dan Aykroyd vs. Tina Fey
  • Phil Hartman vs. Rachel Dratch

Alec Baldwin Region

  • Will Ferrell vs. Tracy Morgan
  • Jane Curtin vs. Martin Short
  • Amy Poehler vs. Al Franken
  • Eddie Murphy vs. Joe Piscopo

John Goodman Region

  • Chris Farley vs. Chris Parnell
  • Dana Carvey vs. Molly Shannon
  • Adam Sandler vs. Jan Hooks
  • Gilda Radner vs. Darrell Hammond

Tom Hanks Region

  • Mike Myers vs. Dennis Miller
  • Chevy Chase vs. Maya Rudolph
  • Ana Gasteyer vs. Jon Lovitz
  • John Belushi vs. David Spade

Voting for this round draws to a close Tuesday, Feb. 26. – just click on the link above to cast your vote.  The toughest choice for me is Gilda Radner vs. Darrell Hammond.  Darrell is the best thing going.  I can’t see how he has a chance to survive this round.  That looks to be a tough bracket anyway you look at it.  Chris Farley is so popular and was so unpredictable on the show…

But can he stand the test against an original cast member who is also a legend?  We’ll find out who makes the cut next week.


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