The Cult play London



The Cult are trekking thru Europe for the next week before heading back to play Canada.  (They’ll play a few dates in the States as well.)  The Guardian posted a review of their show at the London Forum this week.  I’ve seen them enough to read between the lines of a review – I take them with a grain of salt.  As Ian’s said time and time again “you get us or you don’t.” 

But I smiled a couple times reading this particular interview and decided to post about it.  The reviewer starts out talking about their history and how the guys have held up pretty well.  Quote: “Duffy retains the rugged charm of a heavy metal Sean Bean”  – too funny. 

He also calls them “rock’s odd couple” and mentions Duffy’s mild reaction when Astbury tries to rile up the crowd.  Umm.  Yeah, I’ve seen that look a few times before!  Though they have slid down my list of favorite bands (still in 2nd place) I’ll continue to go to their shows as long as they keep playing.  One of these days maybe Ian will dust off “Big Neon Glitter” for me.

Oh and one last thing – people have been talking about that guy on American Idol, Michael Johns…I swear he could be Ian’s nephew.  Take the stubble off of the pic above, make him about 15 years younger and *poof*!   People were comparing him to Michael Hutchence, but I think he’s closer to Ian.  Vocally he might be closer to Hutchence.  I guess time will tell.

Here’s a youtube clip from the London show earlier this week.  And guess what?  It starts out with one of Ian’s mini-sermons (something about not letting people count you out)!  Side note:  One of my fav IA tirades was at Reading fest (2000 or 2001) and he was just pacing back and forth.  He said “All the crap they’ve written about me.  That I’m mental…it’s all f’ing true!” 

Ha, ha!!  I don’t know whether to give him the devil horns or just a big hug!  🙂


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