NIN delivers Ghosts I-IV online


As promised by Reznor over recent months he’s making 36 new tracks available to the public after completing his obligations (save a future “Greatest Hits” offering) with his record label, Interscope. 

 Ghosts I-IV is available in many formats.  He’s invested time and effort into the various packages that are available:

  • FREE – first nine tracks of the collection.  In fact, Reznor has put these tracks up on torrent sites as well.
  •  $5 – you can dl all 36 tracks offered in many different formats.
  • $10 2-disc set – will be shipped on April 8 and those that purchase this package may also dl the album immediately
  • DELUXE edition ($75) – shipping May 1st, purchasers will receive  2 audio CDs, 1 data DVD containing all tracks in multi-track format, 1 Blu-Ray disc + an immediate dl of the album.
  • ULTRA-DELUXE Ltd. Edition – basically the DELUXE edition along with a 4-piece vinyl package w/ limited edition Giclee prints.  Only 2500 available and will be signed by Reznor.  (Includes immediate dl.)

What a great range of packaging!  RED Distribution will also make available a wide physical release this spring.  In the meantime, Trent is encouraging use of the music – including podcasting. 

Note:  if the NIN site is busy due to volume,’s digital store is another option to purchase the $5 package.

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