Spotlight: Nicole Atkins



Nicole Atkins, USA



From: NY/NJ

Websites: /

Current Album: Neptune City is out now on Columbia

Status: Appears on Craig Ferguson this week (March 5), will be playing SXSW and Bonnaroo as well as a few dates inbetween

Here’s a singer-songwriter who seems to know where her strengths lie.  The songs from her album, Neptune City, seem so natural like they are simply pouring out of her.  She sometimes plays under Nicole Atkins and the Sea, but looks like her 2008 festival appearances will be solo.  Nicole will be accompanied by her band, The Sea (thanks for the correction, Tom.)

There is an element of Feist, but with a touch more sophistication and ease.  I have to say that Neptune City is the album I’d been hoping Shelby Lynne would record some day.   Nicole’s voice is intoxicating.  One of the standout tracks for me is “Love Surreal” with a frenzied chorus and energetic beat.  Atkins shows she can mix it up. 

There are tracks that seem a little too simple and then comes a song like “Kill the Headlights” which I could imagine Camera Obscura perform.  I found where you can stream her entire album, so give it a shot.  I recommend you let it play all the way through.  I think my very favorite track is the last one called “Party’s Over.” 

Noise: SFBG also has a great write-up if you’d like to learn more about Nicole.


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  1. For more on Nicole Atkins, including my review of Neptune City and my cover story about her in the October issue of New Jersey’s Upstage Magazine, please see my MySpace blog (as the magazine has changed owners and archived content is no longer on the the website).

    For the cover story, click here.

    For the review of Neptune City, click here.


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