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I read where Simple Minds will be celebrating their 30th anniversary this year.  Thought it was amusing that it was the same week where one of the American Idol guys sang “Don’t You Forget About Me”.   It’s a crime if that is all you know about this band.

They still draw huge audiences in Europe.  Back in the day a lot of fans were either in the U2 camp or the Simple Minds camp.  I could never understand what was so amazing about U2, so you can guess what camp I resided.  I was equally attracted to the care they put in the graphics and special releases as well as their music.  The artwork and unique icons matched up perfectly to their blend of music.

Pollstar actually posted an article about the upcoming European concerts that went on sale this week.  The biggest news is they’ll be playing one of their albums in its entirety:  New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84).  Here is the album tracklisting:

Someone Somewhere (In Summertime)

Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel

Promised You A Miracle

Big Sleep

Somebody Up There Likes You

New Gold Dream (81,82,83,84)

Glittering Prize

Hunter and The Hunted

King Is White And In The Crowd

I’m curious why they chose this album when so many fans point to Sparkle in the Rain as their pivitol release.  (Sons and Fascination is my personal fav by a mile though.)  The only thing I can come up with is that perhaps they haven’t played quite as many of the songs from NGD in concert recently. 

Cool SMINDS links:

**word has it there will soon be a new album release – I’m hoping it will be markedly better than the last two releases.  I like most everything up to 2002.


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  1. The 30th Anniversary of Simpel Minds is a special ocassion. The band will be performing the entirety of their milestone 1982 album ‘New Gold Dream’.

    I think this is the first time they will perform one of their albums in its entirety. Wht’s more, the six UK shows are the only shows that will celebrate 30 years of SM music.


  2. new gold dream is about 90% of the minds fanbases favourite album by a mile,i love it too,though i love everything they released from is my opinion of the minds albums!but they all offer some great work,even my least favourite!
    favourite albums
    real to real cacophony 1979- 8/10
    empires and dance 1980 – 8/10
    sons and fascination/sister feelings call 1981-9.5/10
    new golddream81/82/83/84 1984-10/10
    sparkle in the rain 1984-8.5/10
    once upon a time 1985 9/10

    life in a day 1979 -7/10
    live in the city of light 1987-5/10(dreadfully overdubbed and most of it were recorded in the studio,much better genuinly live though!”
    street fighting years-1989- 8/10
    real life 1991 -5/10
    good news from next world 5/10
    neapolis-1998 5/10
    our secrets are the same 1999,but released with the silverbox in 2004, 6/10
    cry 2002 7.5/10
    black and white 05/05/05 2005 7.5/10
    all the best!!

  3. simple minds is a great band
    when we went to europe in the 80’s i picked up
    real to real cacophony
    empires and dance
    sons and fascination/sister feelings call
    life in a day
    once upon atime all on vinyl as well as numerous 12″ singles
    i recently got the whole stack out to listen!

  4. Always on the edge, dangerous to know, and always full of sons and fascination, Simple Minds never cease to amaze! Can’t wait to see the band play London Wembley Arena on 29th November 2008. New Gold Dream is my favourite SM album (next to Sons and Fascination).

  5. I went to see Simple Minds on the 19th of april 2008 in Charleroi/Belgium.
    With 2 camera’s i stoot right in front. When the moment was there and Jim and Charlie giving away a great show i felt totaly happy just being there experiencing the best band ever!
    Please have a look at my Simple Minds and Simple Minds related website:

    Love margaritha

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