(Mostly) Tech-related music news


The ether is electric at the moment with a ton of tech talk this week, but I’ve thrown in a couple other bits that may interest you non-techies out there.  😉

  • SXSW Interactive keynote gets a little dicey.  Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, isn’t exactly fond of the press and the interaction got a little overheated at one point. 
  • It’s ‘Splitsville’ for Art Brut and EMI.  After releasing a single without the band’s knowledge last month it’s no surprise.  Art Brut’s site explains it this way:   “The spark just wasn’t there anymore. The reasons, you ask? There were many. Maybe the age difference, maybe the mounting work committments. It just looks as if they both needed some space.”
  • Stereogum takes on the NY Times’ coverage of NY-area bands.  (They try to take it a step further from the MTV article earlier this year.)
  • Paste won Magazine of the Year at the Plug Awards.  Here is a list of all winners.
  • While on the subject of awards…the SXSW Interactive Web Awards have also been given out.  Elf Yourself won in the ‘Amusement’ category.  Full list here.
  • Sony BMG inches toward offering free music.  They’re working with the company Peter Gabriel is backing (I blogged about the company a couple months ago.
  • The Futureheads are out to prove a point.  They’re encouraging fans to put their single onto the charts without the aid of a major label.

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