SXSW: out the gate


Even if you can’t be in Austin this week, it’s OK.  You, too, can discover new music.  Besides checking out what bloggers have to say about shows and keynotes I’m going to point you in the direction of some bands playing each day. 

The Austin Chronicle posts a daily Picks and Sleepers list.  I’ll be digging around for some insight into some of those they consider ‘sleepers’ – who knows…there may be some familiar names on their lists.  So let’s get started:


hey, Negrita (London, UK)

First thing I thought of when I heard their MySpace jukebox was “these guys aren’t American?”  Sure enough after a little bit of digging I discover that besides playing the SXSW Music Fest this band also appears in a SXSW Film, We Dreamed America – A Twisted Tale of British Roots and American Music.

This film was directed by Alex Walker and I expect us to be hearing much more about it in the coming months. 

It focuses on 6 UK bands who are fascinated with American roots music (hmmm…I can relate to the inverse of this theory).  Along with the musicians (including hey, Negrita) musical experts from both sides of the pond appear and give their thoughts – including American singer/songwriter Guy Clark and Mojo’s Dave Henderson.

Songs: Illinois recently had a piece on another band featured in the movie.  And you can visit hey Negrita’s myspace – I have to say their songs are really strong.  I’m impressed.  Give ’em a listen.


Girl in A Coma (San Antonia, TX)

I was excited to see this band on the ‘Chronicle’s list as I’ve written about this band before and I totally support them.  So often bands who remind you of a particular era or sound aren’t unique.  This band totally stands their ground.

I would really like to see more doors open for this group.  They are signed to Joan Jett’s label, Blackheart Records.  The Austinist recently did a mini-interview a couple of weeks ago.

This band could easily play on an indie bill, but there’s a little more ‘meat’ in their music.  It’s fuller, richer than most bands currently out there.  Check out their MySpace and help spread the word!


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