SXSW catch-up



     What a craz-ay weekend.  You would have thought I’d traveled to both SXSW and come back for the Big XII championship game.  Maybe I just lived it all without having to be there physically, but wow do I feel like a bus ran me over.  (That, and work is just a bite right now.)

     So I slacked on my SXSW duties.  I think I got a little hacked off by the Thursday list of ‘sleepers’ by the Chronicle.  They actually listed Yeasayer and The Weakerthans as ‘sleepers’ – yeah, whatever.  But they did get one right that I hope some new folks were turned on by:  Wussy. has given the Cincy band some exposure.  We’ll see if their SXSW appearance will boost their profile a little more.  So let me go back and highlight a few more bands that played late last week.

From the Friday sleeper list:

From Saturday’s sleeper list:

  • Tiny Masters of Today – a band we previewed on Randomville
  • Ha Ha Tonka – This name caught my eye on the list as it’s a State park in Missouri (which I’ve visited).  How can you not check out a place called Ha Ha Tonka State Park if given the opportunity?  Just a little reference for ya – I’ve linked you to a blog that talks about the mansion and its ruins…pretty wild when you’re actually there to imagine how they got all the supplies to that remote location!

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