Franz make breaks while working on next album


Franz Ferdinand have declared their work unsuccessful with Girls Aloud producer, Brian Higgins.  Seems the band doesn’t feel that they fit into the ‘pop’ mold.   We’ve been reading that the band would be working on a new direction, but it may not be a night and day shift of styles.

Talking to the BBC (via Gigwise), Paul Thompson described the contrast in new material as “drier and heavier.”  Do you really believe they’ll change the depth of their guitar sound?  It’s difficult to imagine FF without it.  Maybe some layering…don’t know, but I’m anxious to catch a glimpse.

Other than a preview here and there we won’t get much except track titles until the album is closer to being released (October).   One song (“Send Him Away”) has been debuted at a recent gig.  Other titles mentioned were “Twilight Omens” and “What You Came For.”  Now it’s just a wait and see to get them back in the studio to wrap it all up!


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