Spotlight: .Sub



.Sub, UK



From: Norwich, UK


Current Album: Oxytocin EP –  out now

Status: Have been touring to support their EP

I ran across this band because they had played a few dates here in the U.S. earlier in March (mainly the Southwest).  Their sound is such a cool blend of electonica.  .Sub takes a stab at the fullness of artists like Muse and Radiohead then they give it their personal touch of industrial loops and mixes.

They have two EPs which you can sample on MySpace.  I found an interview with all three members talking about their influences.  One member, Matt, seems to reference more of a rock influence with acts ranging from Depeche Mode to Queens of the Stoneage.  Chris’ list is more traditional with the likes of Can and Neu!  And Adam leans toward Bowie and Eno’s work. 

If you enjoy some of the artists referenced you should really check .Sub out.


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