Velvet Revolver ditch lead singer


And I say it’s about time.  A week after we get a little Axl action, Slash and the guys finally make the break with Weiland.  Personally I think the guy has a great voice, but I cannot stand to watch him on stage!  Add his moves to his mouth and you easily have trouble.  (At least Axl had better stage presence back in the day.)

So everyone from Gigwise to the LA Times are reporting that last night was VR’s last gig with the singer.  After his tirade (via Blabbermouth – yeah, real cool, Scott) directed at VR drummer, Matt Sorum, I’m not surprised to hear this development.  Besides, there are STP dates planned.  I’m sure both parties will come out ‘smelling like a rose’ – yep, pun intended!  😉

Also, some of you might be interested in the Gigwise piece with Slash’s take on today’s music.  He refers to it as ’emo’ – don’t you imagine he means Indie?  He does credit Muse, saying:  “It’s not really what I’d call proper rock ’n’ roll, but they do something pretty special.”

I’m with Slash; the world could use more rock and roll.  But I’m still loving my Indie bands!

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