R U a Believer?


More than likely you are a music fan if you visit (or stumble upon) my blog.  But are you a believer in new musicians?  Websites such as Slice­thepie and Sellaband encourage fans to invest in musicians. 

Up to now I haven’t taken the time to really browse either site or the artists involved.  In a time where heavy-hitting bands are trying out new methods of exposure I think this process of discovery will evolve as well.  Over the weekend I read a bit more about both entities.

Sellaband is touting their most recent singer to secure the $50,000 mark to record, Ellie Williams.  Her music seems to be a blend of Jewel and Sarah McLachlan.   The question remains, can these artists garner wider exposure once they have music to distribute?  I think you still need a live fanbase and some ‘luck’ to get very far.


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