Did Dr. P motivate Axl to deliver CD?



Probably not, but the timing is intriguing.

Don’t be fooled with the headlines from NME or other outlets this morning.  Yes, the finished copy has been sent over to Geffen.  The ‘reality show’ rumors, however, are ridiculous.  If you know Axl at all you know he would never participate in a typical reality program.

There is a possibility that a cable network will coordinate a show that will focus on the release of the album.  I believe the footage exists from Axl’s camp already.  And it would be a good vehicle to get folks amped up for the release…IF if really takes place.

I’m more curious about the final touches he put on the album.  The songs I’ve heard were solid, but these were leaks/demos from 5-7 years ago.  Who knows what changes Axl made.  They could be re-recorded ska versions by now!  Who can guess? 

Regardless, I think it’s now or never.

Let’s face it, the Olympics (in China) are a few months away.  There could not be a more perfect time to set “Chinese Democracy” free.  And Dr. Pepper would get tons of FREE exposure during the Olympics without spending a dime.   Like I said before – it’s a win-win.

C’mon, Geffen…strike a deal & get that hot potato off your hands and into OURS.



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