Stories from the studio




I know there are a few folks who visit my blog who are Oasis fanatics – this post is for you.  BBC Berkshire posted a piece this week featuring Stuart Epps, a studio hound for the past several decades.  Here he talks about working with the Gallaghers recording Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants.

“Noel had come on his own to the studio. He wasn’t particularly friendly – he was okay, just sort of polite. He brought all this incredible equipment down, more than I’d ever seen in my life: 200 guitars.

“Then one afternoon he said ‘that’s it, it’s all coming to an end we have to pack up.'”

It transpired Liam had discovered Noel was at Wheeler End and Noel feared his younger brother would trash the place.

“We just assumed Noel must have told his brother about coming to the studio,” says Stuart, “but apparently he was doing this on his own and Liam didn’t know anything about it.”

There’s more – Epps talks about his impressions of Noel & Liam as well as working with Elton John, Robbie Williams and Jimmy Page.  Here’s the article in full.


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