Things to ponder on a Friday afternoon


Watch out, I’m actually writing a real blog post!

Going thru the news today there are a few things to talk about, but not worth devoting an entire post.  For instance, did you see where Amy Winehouse was arrested?  Wouldn’t it be wild to put Amy in the same cell block along with Pete Doherty and Wesley Snipes.  If walls could talk…

Last night I went out with friends to see Kids In The Hall here in K.C.  I luv the Kids and they didn’t disappoint.  Overall I enjoyed how they randomly inserted some pop culture references.  My favorite of the night was a knock on Coldplay.   One couple was discussing how the other couple’s baby was mean-looking.  The wife suggested the husband sing to the baby:  “I can’t.  All that comes to mind when I look at the baby is songs of slavery, human suffering and ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay!”  🙂

It was a thrill to see them live – my favorite sketch was Dave Foley explaining to Kevin MacDonald why he believes his imaginary girlfriend was cheating on him.   Those guys have such chemistry they could make any scenario funny.

Hey…did you see that Jimmy Fallon will take over Conan’s spot when he moves to the Tonight Show?  That just might work.

Enough with the antics, time to get back to work.


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