Verve – Coachella


Wow, it’s refreshing to hear The Verve again.  The National Post celebrates by looking back at some of the band’s former quotes over a several year span.   They play a few dates besides Coachella and will perform at festivals this summer.  The Globe and Mail also has an article posted today where bassist Simon Jones says, “Anybody who’s followed us from the beginning are going to think this record’s amazing.”  From the sound of it the final tracklisting is yet to be determined.

A new track that probably will make it is “Sit and Wonder” as they did play it at Coachella.  Here’s the YouTube link.

You may remember that last fall there was some buzz about the band’s Thaw Session that I blogged about.  I love their ethereal sound and am really looking forward to new material.  Thanks, Coachella fans for posting these great new clips!

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