Debate in list-making


There are always several considerations to be made when you’re compiling a list.   Everyone knows you need some qualifiers.

On my way to work this morning I grabbed a couple Gun cds along with El Presidente.  The latter became an immediate favorite of mine from the get-go.  It has energy and attitude.  But everything keeps pointing to that being their one and only album.  Can I safely list them on my ‘Favorite Scottish Bands’ list?

If so, this is the order I’m feeling today:

  1. (The Mighty, Mighty) Primal Scream
  2. Simple Minds
  3. Jesus and Mary Chain
  4. El Presidente
  5. Gun
  6. Cocteau Twins
  7. The Shamen
  8. The Close Lobsters
  9. Mogwai
  10. Aztec Camera

Now here’s where I meander – I won’t consider De Rosa (whose debut I luv) until I hear their next album.  Yet I don’t hesitate including El Prez.  Another band I have a ‘wait and see’ attitude on is Franz Ferdinand.  Saw them live & that really boosted what I thought of them, but just putting on their CDs doesn’t do as much for me.

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