Single and album news


Quick update on some new tracks and upcoming albums:

  • Heard the first track from the upcoming Dirty Pretty Things album.  “Tired of England” can be found on YouTube from some live footage, but I don’t see that it’s on the band’s MySpace or website.  It’s very Morrissey-esque with that Kinks influence that Carl is known for. Not a bad track, but when stations are also playing the current Moz track “All You Need Is Me” it makes DPT fall short in direct comparison. I do think that I’ll like the band’s new material better than their debut if the single is a fair representation.


  • Were you aware of the return of Tricky?  He’ll be back this summer with a release in early July (but Sept for those of us in the States).  I’ve only listened to “Council Estate” through once.  It didn’t grab me, but I would definitely like to hear a remix/ext version.  Curious about the full album.


  • Speaking of comebacks…remember Offspring?  They’ll have a summer release and the new single is called “Hammerhead“.  Classic Offspring.  Doesn’t feel like they are trying too hard and makes it seem as though they never left.


  • Primal Scream’s summer album has a name, Beautiful Future.  …and the wait continues…July 21 is the date.


  • Last but not least, Camera Obscura headed to Stockholm this week to start recording.   They’re planning a release for this year.  yay!

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