More Cult b-days and update



Belated B-day wishes go out to Mr. Astbury.  Keep rockin’, Ian! 

Latest word has it that their one-album deal on Roadrunner is kaput.  Not really surprised by that.  The last album, Born Into This, was far from inspiring.  Wish they would have admitted from the start that it was a rushed project.  I realize it’s their art and they have the right to put out what they like, but I’ll stick to their live shows.  Nothing like them!  I hope they keep playing live to a very long time.

Ian’s always been touch-and-go, but I really miss when he would visit the boards weekly (back when Atlantic was their label for Beyond Good and Evil).  He was the ‘chaos instigator’.  Sometimes he’d get on a rant and yet he’d still take some time to answer some questions about old recording sessions or something.  It was a fun time. 

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  1. beg to differ.born into this happens to be their best album since sonic temple.beyond good and evil a close second.ian himself feels the same of the few real rock and roll bands left on this earth!the radio,video shows are filled with bullshit the best frontman around,Ian ,keep on rocking wolfchild

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