Tis the season for reunions


…local band reunions, that is.  Last month one of my favorite Kansas City bands got together for an evening at the Record Bar (my fav local haunt).  And like a complete tool I missed the show.  Didn’t even think of it until that evening.  Not that there is anyone else that would have been interested.

Back when I lived in Lawrence there were about half a dozen peeps I was really tight with that wouldn’t balk at laying down a tenner to see a local band and spend the night shooting the breeze.  I’d go with them to acts they liked (including some blues) and they would go to the alt-rock acts I was into.  A sweet little deal if you ask me.

Now I am almost (save for my best friend and a handful of local WOXY listeners) without anyone to just go hear live, local music.  It usually the bigger acts we’re seeing like BRMC. 

But back to the reason I’m posting…just found out that my hands down favorite Lawrence band, Paw, (and probably one of my favorite benefits of moving to Larryville in the mid-90s) will be getting back together for a show at the Wakarusa Festival on June 6.  In case you don’t remember Paw, here’s probably their biggest hit:

That brings back memories.  I adored Pete, the drummer.  He rocked the skins.  Their cd “Death to Traitors” was brilliant and showed more breadth with some acoustic sounds as well.  Can’t tell you the number of times we’d seen them.  A few outdoor shows like Day on the Hill at KU, the Halloween show where the band dressed up in “Wizard of Oz” costumes, and my favorite night at a KC venue, The Hurricane.  

The opening band was awful, but Paw finally got onstage and they didn’t want to go home.  We left before they stopped (after 2:30 AM) because we had to drive back to Lawrence & A’s future husband had to clock in by 6 AM.  Those were the days, eh?  😉

Anyway, I don’t know if Pete will be back to play drums.  He’s playing for some dude in Vegas (local singer/songwriter).  And on top of it all, I start a new job that week…wouldn’t be cool to take a half day right off the bat.  Ah well, I think I’ve seen them plenty of times, but I really hope I get to hear a review since I won’t be there!


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