The Cure review: KC style


For the first time since the 80s, Robert Smith and crew made an appearance in Kansas City.  Playing at the beautiful Starlight outdoor theater, it was a perfect match.  The only flaw was the vocal problems Smith’s been suffering through.  He wasn’t as strong and I think I only caught one yelp all evening.  But putting that into perspective it was simply an honor to watch them perform in the flesh.

The music didn’t suffer in the least.  I’d been psyching myself up over the weekend by watching their Trilogy DVD and was a bit jolted (and delighted) that the set they played last night rocked as hard as it did.  A couple of songs made me feel like I was at a Primal Scream show!  😉


I enjoyed the variety of the setlist.  There were new tracks scattered about.  I’d heard the single a few times and it fit in nicely.  Of course we all screamed, hollered and clapped at the more familiar tunes.  I think everyone loved the back-to-back combo of “Friday I’m In Love” and “Just Like Heaven” especially. 

At that point the band was well into it.  From other sources I’ve read today if you were up front you could tell just how much Robert was frustrated by his voice.  He appologized a couple of times and even mentioned his doctor warning him, but he said he didn’t want to put the tour off again.  We all went crazy when he said that next time he promised his voice would be “sweeter”! 

The band shredded on “Primary” – it may have been the highlight of the night.  It showed just how much the combination of Simon, Porl, Robert and Jason rocks.  There were a few times that I just raved at Smith’s guitar work.  I was majorly impressed.  It comes from actually getting to watch him rather than what the videos and DVDs choose to show for effect. 

My surprise of the show was when they broke out into “Wrong Number” – I squealed with delight!  (Well, I had to – with Robert’s voice problems he couldn’t!)  We got two encores which is pretty good considering everything.

All in all it will go down as one of my all-time favorite gigs.  Oh, I failed to mention how cool the crowd was – yes, they were a bit quieter than some of the hard-core Cure fans would have liked…but it is Kansas City and that’s just the way music fans are here.  But with 80% (or more) Gen-Xers, it was just very cool and had the best vibe of any show I’ve attended.  We met & talked to the folks in our row as we often do, but it just sort of felt like you knew each other because of the similar soundtrack we grew up on.  Very cool.

Listening to The Cure under a starry and moonlit K.C. sky with a gentle breeze and surrounded by fellow goth-now-hipsters – well, what more could you ask?

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  1. can’t ask for much more….oh such a sweet night 🙂

    the kiss…edge of the deep green sea….i guess i could’ve asked for disintegration and i’d have heard my top three…but two out of three’s not bad!

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