Spotlight: The Script



The Script, Ireland



From: Dublin, Ireland


Tracks: Single “We Cry” –  out now & getting airplay in the UK

Status: Will be playing the UK festival circuit this summer including V Festival, T in the Park and Glastonbury

Here’s a band you may start to hear more about as the UK festival season heats up.  They aren’t the typical band I hype, but a bit unique in a pop/r&b way.  And if you’re here reading my blog you probably enjoy checking out something new and a little different.

Going by the tracks posted on their MySpace I’d say it’s their songwriting that will make them stand out.  Not necessarily hook-driven.  Seeing as they will be opening for the Guillemots soon, I would say that could be a solid bill.  I know their single is being played on Virgin Radio and they’ve done a session for Radio 2.

The Script seem to yield the U2 card as well as the ‘Celtic Soul’ associations.  Maybe they just want to be known for their own sound, eh?  They do have a management connection with U2 so I can see where it would crop up.

Should be interesting to see what develops with the lads and how they come out with fans and music press by the end of their festival appearances.

Recent articles:  Times Online  and Huddersfield Daily Examiner


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