Meandering Elephants in w. Kansas


At least there’s been one amusing story coming out of the deluge of storms across the midwest over the last month or more.  Yesterday afternoon’s storms in Western Kansas scared the elephants in a traveling circus and they escaped, wandering around the town of Wakeeney, KS.

When I heard this on the news last night (as we were threatened by the same storm), I made a note that I should check the story out online in the morning.  Get to work, do a search & the best (and most humorous) coverage comes from The Telegraph in the UK.  There are a couple of photos taken by the family as well.  How funny is that? 

They have photos taken by the family…the whole bit.  And I love how they make it sound so dramatic.  Here we say something like “people were looking twice when they saw a couple elephants walking into their back yard”.  As opposed to “the family had the shock of their lives when frightened circus elephants entered their garden” – !!!

The story also made me think that there could be a good band name in here somewhere…Wandering Elephants…Meandering Elephants…or even the name of the town – Wakeeney.   🙂

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  1. The Brits have a knack for making everything sound exciting and thrilling. We, on the other hand, seem to dull everything down.

    This is a great story and I love the photos!

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