The time is nearing…it’s a mere 6 weeks from release!  Yes, that’s the UK release date for Primal Scream’s 2008 album, Beautiful Future (I’m pre-ordering)!! 

I’ve talked with a bunch of people about their last cd (Riot City Blues) and the expectations for the new release.  Most people weren’t as high on RCB as various other releases.  Taking a step back I can understand that sentiment.  I listened to it non-stop for a few months, but I don’t find myself going back to it.  Personally it’s Evil Heat that stays in highest rotation of all their albums.

That’s as far as an album itself goes.  There are so many great ‘Scream tracks that it’s difficult for me to have a favorite.  They are one of the artists that make my workouts feel less like work & more enjoyable.

Is it just me because I’m such a ‘Scream freak – or have we been waiting for this to come out ever since the last album?  In preparation I’ll glance at reviews, but won’t take them to heart as I want to make up my own mind. 

I imagine at the worst I’ll play it out like RCB and at best it will stay in permanent rotation.  After hearing the single “Can’t Look Back” I’m thinking it’s a safe bet that it will be worth the cost of the album…and remixes…and upcoming b-side/greatest hits editions. 


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