Oooh…Secret Machines news


Spin is reporting the NY band will have a new release readied for us this fall.  Sweet.  I am super excited about this.  These guys (or is it mainly Brandon now?) are so clever with their writing.  Their albums remind me of those few authors that make me sad when I get close to the end of their new book…you simply don’t want it to end.

It’s promising to be a great late summer and fall of ’08!

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  1. I recently saw The Secret Machines in Minneapolis, MN. I was extremely excited about this show and like you I am fan of their albums and I am actually looking forward to their release in October.

    However, I gotta say that the show was a major disappointment. There was a lack of excitement from the band, which in turn made the crowd turn into a bunch of posts that just stood around.

    Brandon, said the following the whole night, “Thank you,” after every song, he stated, “We have new album out this fall.” and finished with, “This is your encore and Thank You.”

    I just wasn’t impressed. I will be interested in seeing how they do on this new album. I hope that this show was just a bad one on the tour.


  2. BTuck~ Thanks for the comment. Interesting observations about their show. It makes for a weird gig when bands don’t have much to say, doesn’t it?

    Perhaps they are more of a studio outfit. Guess we’ll see what happens when the new material is released!

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