Thursday’s misc. post


Lately it’s been tough to get time to collect my thoughts enough for a post so I’m afraid this one will be all over the place.  First thing I need to do is get the most pressing thing off my mind.  And that’s a statement to the BPI (British Phonographic Industry):  Leave my friends alone!!

Hey, with higher gas prices, food, etc. it’s getting harder and harder to justify imports.  I wouldn’t complain as much if more of the music I liked would make it over here (sooner rather than later).  Oi.  Here’s the latest from The Guardian.

And have any of you been keeping up on the Banksy reveal?  There have been lots of column inches about it lately.  This week Time has jumped in. 

And speaking of Time, I thought it was interesting that they have a poll going on the Best and Worst Sports Execs.  Do Time readers care?  It just seems like an odd poll for Time, but I’m not a routine Time reader so what do I know.  Lew Perkins (KU and formerly with UConn) is in the running which is how I heard about the poll.  As of today he’s in the top 5.

More random stuff to come. Stay tuned…


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