Primal Scream…the POP experiment


I’ve been holding off writing this for several days as I just didn’t feel I had yet to give the new Primal Scream disc a fair shot.  It usually takes a few listens to get the vibe of the disc.  Today it hit me why I haven’t connected to it…the tracks I like are deep into the album. 

That first track loses steam with me.  They should have hidden that one somewhere.  I think “Can’t Look Back” sets a much better tone for a PS album.  When I have this in the player I am energized and ready for more, but when I start out with track one I am instantly bored. 

Then after you start to get into it you’re once again pulled down by “Uptown” and “The Glory Of Love.”   Yes, both tunes are poppy, but they drag.  Gillespie & crew can get by with that when they write techno tracks and add some bass to the lower end.  Not enough bass (or something) to pull it off.  Not to say a proper remix wouldn’t fix the problem.  I’ve yet to hear a ‘Scream song that couldn’t be remixed to perfection.

Tracks 5-8 are sublime & pure ‘Scream fun.  But guess what happens on track 9.  They sneak in “The Glory of Love” and I didn’t care for it the first time around.  The song reminds me of something U2 would do.  Need I say more?

So let’s just leave it at this…Beautiful Future is a spotty Primal Scream experiment with moments of bliss mixed about.  I’m not disappointed in the overall content or direction.  There are some great tracks.  And I can’t wait to find some recent live boots to check out how their latest shows sound with the new songs.  But I would advise interested parties to use this alternative tracklisting for the best results:
2.  Can’t Go Back            
5.  Suicide Bomb             
6.  Zombie Man                             
7.  Beautiful Summer                            
8.  I Love To Hurt (You Love To Be Hurt)                           
10. Necro Hex Blues                                      
12. Urban Guerrilla                              
13. Time Of The Assassins

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