Pretenders album – 10.7.08


Breakup the Concrete is set for release in a couple weeks.  Have you heard the lead single, “Boots of Chinese Plastic”?  Chrissie’s gone rockabilly on us.  And she does it pretty well.  We all know she can play and sing.  In fact she can do about anything she wants.

You’ll find the single and another album track on their MySpace page.  I’ve heard 3 album tracks to date.  Aside from the single what I’ve heard are ballads.  Not sure what I think about them yet.  Maybe in the context of the album I’ll appreciate them a bit more, but so far the single stands out the most. 

The highlight of the tracks is the musicianship.  Her voice lends itself extremely well to this genre.  It’s just as rebellious as she is; so it doesn’t seem like a giant leap from the band’s signature sound.

I usually appreciate knowing more about an album’s background and Hynde gives the skinny to her part-time home paper, Akron Beacon Journal.  It’s fun to see how she’s come back full circle.

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