Spotlight: Oliver White Group



The Oliver White Group, USA


ow_44From: Sherman, TX


Current Album:  Control

I stumbled across this fantastic rock/blues guitarist a couple weeks ago and I continue to go back to his myspace page to listen to his music. Don’t think I realized how much I needed a healthy dose of dirty, grungy riffs until I heard it. Now I can’t get enough!

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on the net about this band. I get the feeling they are just a solid live band that lives to play.  I did see where they’ve won at least one regional award – and that says a lot about them because Texans are brutally honest about their music scene!  

If there are any Texas blues fans out there who have have some info, feel free to share. I do know that their album Control was released earlier this year. For more about it and a little background on Oliver White, check out CD BABY (where you can stream & order the cd).

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  1. I actually played keys for this band, and on the Control album. Thanks for the kind comments — we really had a lot of fun recording the album! Feel free to contact me if you want anymore information. Thanks again!

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