Slumdog Millionaire


One of my 2009 ‘resolutions’ involves watching more movies and I got a jump yesterday by catching “Slumdog Millionaire.” I love Danny Boyle movies so this was a no-brainer.

The combination of cast, editing, soundtrack and pacing came together brilliantly. All I could think during the scenes where the young, just-orphaned brothers were being chased was how amazing the camera work came across. I was mesmerized.

I also thought the way the story unfolded was much like the petals of a flower; layer upon layer until the full bloom is revealed.

The soundtrack was amazing – as Boyle movies should be! There was a diversity in styles. Though heavy in the tradition of Indian music other familiar genres appeared such as electronica and reggae. Perhaps this was done to add to the universal understanding of these memorable characters – getting across that there are fragments we could all relate to regardless of what country or hemisphere we call home.

If you’d like to learn more about the Indian composer (A. R. Rahman) the director hand-picked, the Wall Street Journal published a piece on him this week.

I understand that Rahman is re-vamping his official website in time for the Golden Globe Awards for which both he and Boyle are nominated. Changes to the site will be unveiled January 6th which is the composer’s 43rd birthday and should include some personal playlists (in different genres) and behind the scenes info.


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  1. Very good movie with a highly original concept in regards to how the story was told. Without that I feel it would have been quite average? Great camera work like you said and some punchy music to go with it. Will it be too populist for any awards? Time will tell.

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