Motown Celebrated


People gathered in Detroit today to pay homage to the musical institution. It was 50 years ago today when Berry Gordy Jr. received a loan of $800 to start the record label.

The photo above was taken this morning as invited guests were crammed into the studio where so much history occurred. The woman shown at the podium was in charge of ‘Artist Development and Grooming’ back in the day…just one of the ways that Motown stood out from the rest. Isn’t she a gem? I can almost see her putting some of the young artists to task!

According to Billboard Gordy did not attend today’s ceremony. He sent a message which stated:

“Motown music was for everybody, and it grew out of love. It has spread around the world and has become part of the culture and consciousness in all seven continents, and it all started right here.”

So go hunt up some vintage Temptations, Spinners or Stevie Wonder to celebrate!


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