New era for the Oscars?


Have to give the powers that be props for trying something new – nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?   Opinions seem to vary whether it won viewers over last night.

Anyone else think the past winners awarding Best and Supporting Actor/Actress categories was eerily like sorority and fraternity initiation ceremonies?  I liked the idea behind it, but not so sure about the part where a winner spoke directly to each nominee.  It felt stilted.

And could someone please help Beyonce understand the definition of ‘overexposure’?  It’s ridiculous that she’s performing for every awards show imaginable…and boring.

Not much to comment on ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and the much deserved accolades.  If you haven’t seen it make sure to seek it out or put it on your rental list.  One of the most clever movies I’ve seen in some time.

But what you may have missed if you couldn’t make it to the end of the broadcast was a montage of upcoming movies for 2009.  It was clear throughout the show they made an effort to play up movies and genres that don’t often get nominated.  This montage was set to a slammin’ song and actually set a tone that I think most award shows aspire to but always seem to fall short – happily looking forward.

See for yourself –


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