Introduced to new music


This week I had some fortunate circumstances crop up and was introduced to some new music.  And of course I have to share.  Perfect timing, too, as I needed something to kick me in the behind and get me to write.  (Don’t tell Matt, but I think his complacency is catching.)

On to the tunes:

The Black Doves

You need to know they are a rock band.  What I like best is real guitar riffs.  Not the same old-same old I hear when I turn on our local rock station.  I’ll put it this way…enough to fit in with the music played on rock radio, but at the same time enough to rise above and stand out.

Do you remember Black Lab?  They’re sort of a hard-rocking version of that band.  Give them a shot.   They are working on new material and currently offering a free download of their album “Moments of Clarity.”  How’s that for a deal?  You can listen to each track as well without having to download. 

God Meets Nine

In the mood for ambient/electronica?  Check out God Meets Nine for some mood music.  Jesse Mason has enough material he’s started to post some for free on his myspace.  Just look for the blog post & you’ll find two zip files for download.

And most importantly if you like what you hear (or know someone who will) pass it on.  Thanks to Steve and Jesse for getting in touch!


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