My Maudlin Career


What an appropriate album title to discuss while I’m working the phone & emails for job interviews.  The ‘career’ part; not the ‘maudlin’ part.  Granted, I’m having a bit of a struggle today, but it’s just a valley I’ll soon crawl out of, I hope.

So moving on the the latest Camera Obscura release.  Any thoughts from you guys? 

The reason I have hesitated posting on this is because I felt I needed to listen to it a few more times through.  I love the ambiance.  Perhaps that’s the best characteristic of any Camera Obscura song.  The one thing I miss from Maudlin is a song that makes me want to sing along.  This disc seems a little more atmospheric and less sing-songy.  It’s a great blend when played alongside “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” but I’m not convinced it stands alone just yet.

That’s why I think I’m going to need some more time with this disc.  I am enjoying it more and more with each listen.  So I could make a complete turnaround in a couple months’ time. 

Plus I found this link to the band’s very own video vingettes talking about each track on the album.  I think you’ll enjoy it.


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