Okie Rock and Roll


I ran across a cool article today about some folks who have put together a celebration of Oklahoma’s rock roots.  Larry O’Dell and Jeff Moore have done their homework.  They created “Another Hot Oklahoma Night” as a special exhibit for the Oklahoma History Center.

Not only does it look like a fantastic exhibit, but you might just learn of a few musical connections to the state you didn’t know about.  From songwriters who penned songs we all know to those indie rockers fronted by Wayne Coyne it’s all documented.  If you find yourself driving through the state or close enough for a road trip, I’d recommend it.

More proof that Oklahoma is about more than country music?  This week the big event is ROCKLAHOMA where more than 20 bands from those halcyon hair/metal days will wield their axes.  Bands like Anthrax, Anvil (along with a screening of their rockdoc), Vixen, Ratt, Danger Danger, Keel, Nelson and Skid Row will play this Thursday through Sunday.  Wowza.  Good head banging and people watching…that’s what I’m talking about!  😉

Also, the Lips’ track “Do You Realize” was named the state’s Official Rock Song earlier this year.   If you’re curious, here is the list of 10 songs considered for the honor.

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