Paula Abdul’s AI replacement


Let’s get right to business – who should Idol execs choose to take Paula’s place?  I personally like the process of 3 judges rather than 4 and think the “guest judge” plan sucked.  But they’ve already signed last years’ rookie judge, Kara DioGuardi, for another season.  (She probably didn’t get negative numbers from focus groups.)

So here are my suggestions:

1)  Kay Hanley


Kay’s seen it all; fame with a spunky 90s band and writing poppy music for kids. 





2)  Anastacia


More contemporary, perhaps?  Anastacia was actually a finalist in a TV talent contest (MTV’s The Cut). 




3)  Shirley Manson

sh1Opinionated, talented and has a cool accent.  She couldn’t hurt the ratings. 





All three of these ladies would offer constructive criticism since they’ve been in the trenches of the music scene.  Each one is talented, full of personality and has a unique personal style – all points the judges like to drive home on American Idol.

What do you think?


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  1. I’m gonna go with someone who has NO experince whatsoever of the music business, other than maybe interviewing them on her daytime chat show…. how about Ellen? ;

    (I don’t watch AI, but this choice just seems dumb)

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