Wanted: new music advice


I’m so overwhelmed with interviews & job hunting that I barely have been listening to music the last few weeks.  Plus, my computer is maxed out – I can’t stream while I’m filling out apps or doing research.  Bottomline: I could use some of your recommendations! 




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  1. Hey, everybody over here at Smoothe Moose Laboratories and Recordings thinks you would dig our stuff especially considering you’re asking for suggestions, the the type of music you promote on your site. Our newest mixtape for the fall season just dropped and can be downloaded for free at our website. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Keep up the great work on your website, we love your dedication to awesome music.

    Much Love,
    Cogswell Gozeimas
    Director of Operations
    Smoothe Moose Laboratories and Recordings

  2. Probably not your complete cup of tea, but if you have an ear for old school Motown sounds check out the Mayer Hawthorne album. A wonderful homage and probably the only release I am likely to rave about for the whole of 2009!

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