VEVO launch +


Did you know there’s a new music video site on the web?  It’s VEVO, hosted by YouTube.  Their star-studded launch was last night (more details here).  I’m not yet convinced it’s going to rise to the top of my bookmarks, but you never know as content is added.  Anyone tried it yet?

This reminded me how there are other audio sites I’ve signed up for to check out, but no longer are around.  For example, take my post below on Goom Radio.  Haven’t heard anyone talk about them.  And we all know if they aren’t talking about you, you just as well be dead.  So I looked them up and found their head of programming stepped down just last week.  Not a good sign.

Then there’s BlueBeat.  I don’t even remember how long ago I signed up to try it out – forever ago.  This week I got an email out of nowhere stating:

BlueBeat is back! While we have been forced to temporarily remove some features and content, we are back with a brand new kind of program: Genesis Music Discovery – just choose a “seed” and Grow Your Own playlist!

And, of course, there was the recent Apple purchase of  Not sure what will happen there, but I’m sure we’ll see changes in the next few months.  I use it often to sample albums.

Who knows what we’ll see as we enter 2010.


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