Joe Strummer 1952-2002


Seven years ago we were shocked to learn of Joe Strummer‘s death.  I don’t know that he’s become any larger a legend than he was in life.  And there were no skeletons to be exposed to tarnish the words, music and wisdom he gave us while he was around.  Could it be any more appropriate the anniversary of his death is the shortest day of the year? 

Joe, you left us much too soon!

Put on some Strummer music as you’re getting those last packages wrapped or traveling to see family.  For a few days you’ll be able to stream this week’s 6Music program from Don Letts which is based around Joe.  And if you’ve seen info about the Christmas cards that go on sale at in limited quantities, I can tell you they already sold out.  So bummed!  But I do have a Joe-related goodie for you:

1988 unpublished interview (in 3 parts)

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