Listening Post – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo


Reasons you know it’s a good album:

  • Not a re-hash of their last album
  • A nod to their early sound
  • Can envision the songs played live
  • Deep tracks even better than the single

Think I’d heard two tracks before I bought the album today.  This is one of my bands where I don’t want to hear too much until I have it in hand.  Started out excited about the new material.  The guys have a knack for mixing up the tempo and feel.  War Machine (trk 4) was a standout track for me.  Then by Evol (trk 6) I felt happily drenched in reverb and jangly chords (and we all know how much I love that!)

But it was definitely track 7, Mama Taught Me Better, that brought out the Wow factor.  Here’s the kicker…the songs are so good from that point on that I can’t even say anything about them.  They’re that awesdome.  No, that’s not a misspelling.  Just ask my R’ville friends.  😉

So I’m logging off awhile to go back and listen more.  Oh, and if you bought a physical copy…don’t you just love the DIY feel?  They even noted 12 albums by other artists you should pick up.  Classy as usual, guys!


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