The Law – ready for a beatdown?


They hail from Dundee and you may already know their music. In case you don’t I have a feeling you will.  Think invasion.  Get this – they have more than SIX SXSW gigs slated!

Now this is one of the things about the yearly music conference that bugs me. In the last ten years it’s morphed. I think anyone who follows SXSW has heard how it’s much less about unsigned bands. That’s a shame. But now bands get slated at multiple gigs which just makes things crazier. Yes, it lets bands gain more exposure, but does it help gain buzz? I’m not convinced. [/SXSWrant]

At the same time, it’s a good opportunity for The Law to introduce themselves stateside. Here are a couple videos:

This track was featured in the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and I think a TV show has recently picked up another album track.

And here they are performing another track I like live (Television Satellite).

Their album, A Measure of Wealth gets a US release in May. And I have to give props to their manager as their website ( ) is a dream. Very well thought out. They also promoted their album in unique ways. They had a series of podcasts leading up the the album release and each on included a round of Pub Trivia against other bands. Totally clever!


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