Save 6Music


Last month plans were revealed by the BBC to eliminate two radio stations and one happens to be my favorite, 6Music.  From what I’m reading I’ve heard it may not happen for more than a year.  At the same time they’ve dropped Bruce Dickinson’s rock show so I don’t know if that show was losing audience numbers anyway or what. 

The statements being made from officials sound very determined.  I’m not so sure we’ll have a reprieve as we did with WOXY.  On the other hand it is too early to give up hope.  Links and quotes follow.

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  • According to this was the statement made at the BBC news conference on March 2:

“We will have in [national top 40 station] Radio 1 and [AC network] Radio 2 two popular music U.K.-wide radio stations, and those are the platforms we are going to use in the future to cover as broad a range of popular music and as broad a range of great popular music talent that we can.”

  • Join Facebook group to SAVE 6MUSIC – keep up on news, sign the petition & spread the word
  • BBC plans spin-off stations via Guardian

And please listen to the station whether you’re a longtime fan or just learning about it!  🙂


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