6Music/Woxy updates


We’re seeing some momentum in the Save 6Music campaign.  The week before last saw a demonstration by thousands.  For Folk’s Sake has a report and photos. 

Several artists have spoken out about the potential closing of the station which has aided in the discovery of countless bands.  Noah and the Whale have a new recording to bring attention to the cause.  And there is a campaign to march Half Man Half Biscuit’s song “Joy Division Oven Gloves” to number 6 on the charts.  Chris Shade, one of the campaign coordinators, commented on the project:

“The important thing is that a lot of people are getting very passionate about saving 6 Music.  I hope it will help make the BBC see sense. It is too important a station to lose. With expanding digital radio coverage I think they will attract a much larger audience to the station if only they give it a chance.”

But the most promising buzz comes today as it’s been leaked a talk between record execs and the BBC Trust chief who announced the cut will take place next week.  Industry reps from Beggars, Sony and Warner among others will supposedly have their opportunity to state their case.  Let’s hope they back up their case with data that means something the to BBC!

No such luck with the Save WOXY campaign…yet.


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